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Imagine the luxury of a home nearly impenetrable to heat. Imagine sleeping on the third floor and not once breaking a sweat or lounging in a once stuffy bonus room now swirling with cool air.

No, you didn't teleport to the Arctic.

The technology you are imagining is the economically efficient radiant barrier. AC Pros of Richardson, Texas, understand how hot it can get in the summer. We also know much of your income goes to the power company to run overworked, often inefficient air conditioners.

At AC Pros of Texas, we'll work to minimize both your misery and your bills by arming your home against the most brutal summer temperatures with expertly installed insulation and radiant barriers.

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How a Radiant Barrier Protects Your Home from Heat

If you've ever done summer roof work, you know the sun's piercing heat at the top of a home. The heat absorbed by the roof moves to the underside of the attic ceiling, then passes through the attic insulation to the cooler floor of the attic, and later on into your living space.

The radiant barrier, made of a highly reflective foil, prevents the heat from the roof from reaching your attic insulation and air conditioned rooms. The result is a cooler home with less need for a constantly-running AC unit.

Explore Radiant Barriers with Our Techs

AC Pros technicians are skilled in all areas of heating and cooling. Once you've explained your cooling needs, your technician will explain your best options for chilling out.

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