Solar Fans

AC Pros Uses The Sun To Cool Your Home

When the summer sun is beating on the roof of a home, it causes the home’s attic to overheat. That excess heat would flow into the rest of the house, were it not for a solar fan that pushes the overheated air out of the house. 

Solar fans are a greener and cheaper option for expelling high attic temperatures than electric attic fans. People have also learned that the government has many deduction programs and tax credits for people who purchase green appliances. Your solar fan could easily pay for itself!

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Why Solar Fans?

Powering the many devices that go into heating, cooling, ventilating, humidifying and dehumidifying your home can consume a lot of energy — which we all know means higher utility bills. As the name indicates, solar fans are powered by the sun, which is already pounding away on your house.

  • Free to operate.
  • Eliminate opportunities for electrical accidents.
  • Lowers costs.

Solar Fan Savings

Another major perk to solar fans can be a reduction in air conditioning costs as well as a break in taxes.

In the early 2000s, the government passed legislation offering a tax deduction to solar fan owners — money back each year just for saving energy! Additionally, depending on your solar fan activity, it’s estimated that you can save up to 30% on cooling your home.

A solar fan could be your family’s first step to create a greener, more sustainable and environmentally friendly home. Call AC Pros at 972-591-0199 to talk about the benefits of solar fans today!

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