Air Leak Testing

Detecting Leaks Will Save You Money

AC Pros technicians are sticklers for performance. When our ears pick up on the hissing of an air leak, we won’t rest until we’ve tested for and repaired the leak so that it no longer impacts the movement of air in your Richardson, TX home.

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Air Leaks: Signs You May Have One

  • Wasted Air - Despite turning up the thermostat, you feel only a slight breeze of air coming from your vents. Air leakage can cause your conditioned air (the air you’re paying to heat or cool) to be released in the wrong parts of your home, including in the attic and basement.
  • Inconsistent Temperature - Lots of houses have a room that holds too much warmth and another that is always cold. If you’ve recently noticed two rooms on the same floor of the house are significantly different in temperature, this may be a sign to call AC Pros.
  • Additional Dust On Surfaces - Because ductwork runs through our dusty attics and basements, leakage can result in dust from those spaces being moved to other parts of the house.

AC Pros Air Leak Testing: How It Works

There are several ways to test for an air leak, some far more scientific than others. AC Pros uses best testing practices to determine if your system has costly holes and gaps. A visual inspection can reveal some problems. However, we recommend a closer examination for those seeking to leak-proof their homes.

To test for leaks in your home we perform:

  • Blower Door Testing : A technique that uses an industrial fan to lower pressure in the home, making it easy to spot the places where air is escaping.
  • Duct Blast Testing : Directly checks for leakages in your ductwork using forced air.

Air leaks cost you money and efficiency. If you’re a homeowner in Richardson, TX, contact AC Pros for air leak testing today. Call us at 972-591-0199 today.

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