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Take Good Care of Your Heater, We’ll Take Great Care of You

Like almost every appliance, heating units require maintenance. Unlike every appliance, regularly scheduled maintenance for your heater can save you money on repairs and energy use while keeping you safe. WE know know that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, but even more when we are talking about the health of your home. A non-functioning furnace means a lot more than a cold house, it could potentially mean an unsafe living environment. When you need a heating & cooling company near Plano, an HVAC contractor near Dallas, or already trust us as your Heating & Air Conditioning Company in Richardson, we are here to serve you and your family with HVAC maintenance above and beyond the others.

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Why Should AC Pros Service My Heater

When your heater is regularly maintained, the parts of the machine you depend on to keep the heat coming are periodically lubricated. Service extends the life of the heater and can improve performance.

Having an AC Pros tech tune up your heater on a regular schedule can save you money by avoiding future repairs. Expensive appliance problems can begin as a small issue that can be recognized and repaired by our technicians before the problem grows significantly worse.

Finally, your heater uses gasses that are deadly to you and your family. A regular heater inspection would alert our technician to a cracked heat exchanger, problems with the pilot light or any other issues that could cause CO2 leakage.

Be Prepared, Richardson!

The last benefit of routine heater maintenance is the peace of mind it brings.

With regular maintenance, nowhere in the back of your mind do you have to worry about the chance that the heater won’t start cranking out warm air or a big bill will be in your future.
This year, when the frosty months arrive, you’ll rest easy and snuggle up knowing your heater is tuned up and ready to keep you and your family warm and cozy all winter long.

Winter cold should never catch your heater off guard. Call AC Pros for heating maintenance at 972-591-0199 today.

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