Duct Blast Testing

Are the Ducts in Your Richardson, TX Home Leaking?

To directly test for leakages in your Richardson, TX home's ductwork, AC Pros performs duct blast testing. This test will identify wasteful leaks that are costing you money on your energy bills each month.

Energy experts suggest that up to two thirds of a home's ductwork contributes to air leakage. Imagine paying for a whole pizza and the delivery person bringing you only a third. You’d never agree to that deal. So why let paid-for air drift out of your family home?

AC Pros wants to save you the most amount of money possible on your overall heating and air. That is why the US Department of Energy recommends duct blast testing to find leaks and save energy and money.

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How Does Duct Blast Testing Work?

The name "duct blast testing" is pretty telling. A large machine is attached to a duct and blasts a large amount of forced air to determine where and how dangerous duct leaks are. In some cases, technicians also use a fog machine to show you precisely where and how severe duct leakages are.

Duct Blast Testing: What Comes After the Blast?

Once we've located the source of leakages, we can talk to you about options for your leaky ducts. Losing a large percentage of your conditioned air is not only unfair and poor value, it also takes a toll on the environment.

If we don’t find any duct leaks but you’re still unsatisfied with how your AC runs, we can seal openings, add insulation and look for any other problem that may be causing your home not to be airtight.

Knowledge is power and when you’ve completed the testing, you should have a fairly good idea of the vulnerable places in your home where you may be losing hot or cool air. Duct blast testing should bring you the peace of mind you deserve when it comes to your home and your wallet.

Don't let any more expensive energy leak out of your home. Call AC Pros at 972-591-0199 to schedule duct blast testing today.

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