Blown Insulation

When Reducing Utility Costs is a Must, Get Blown-In Insulation

Old homes hold a special place in the hearts of many homers. What don't old houses hold? Heated or cooled air. Your result: sky-high utility bills you'll pay while still shivering or sweating from an inefficient heating and cooling system.

Sometimes known as "blown in" insulation, blown insulation can complement a house's existing insulation, lower utility bills and decrease energy usage.

Blown-in insulation is the alternative to those big rolls of fiberglass insulation (known as batts) you might see at a building site. While batt installation can be installed during the initial build of a home, adding additional insulation would require tearing down the home's drywall.

Beyond convenience, blown-in insulation better protects your home from the elements. Blown-in insulation can fill the corners of every joist and gap, fill in the space created by studs, and fill gaps where air might leak in. This kind of insulation adds additional protection from exposure to the elements.

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Noiseproofing & Blown-In Insulation

A bonus? Blown insulation acts as a barrier between indoor and outdoor sound. Perfect for a home on a busy street or solely for blocking out the noise of your neighbor's always-running weedwacker, blown-in insulation, will allow your home to be the refuge you deserve.

Advantages of Blown-In Insulation

  • Complete insulation - Blown material seals tiny gaps missed by batt insulation.
  • Green - Often made of recycled materials rather than fiberglass, although fiberglass blown insulation is an option.
  • Less work-intensive - No destruction of drywall required.

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