Duct Cleaning

Easier to Breathe Air With Less Allergens

AC Pros encourages our customers to schedule duct cleaning as a means of ridding the ducts of harmful materials and increasing the efficiency of airflow throughout your Richardson, TX home.

Experts estimate that there are millions of miles of ductwork coiled through American homes. Even in the cleanest homes, elements like dust, dirt, bacteria, pet hair and outdoor allergens floating around make it no surprise that our duct systems can form a dirty build-up.

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Should I Get My Ducts Cleaned?

AC Pros says yes.

Regular duct cleaning locates and destroys these blockages so that maximum airflow reaches your registers and vents.

Because the same air in your house flows through your ducts, minuscule elements are swept up in air currents and transported to other parts of the home by way of the ducts. Family members sensitive to dust and other allergens, as well as family members with compromised breathing, such as children with asthma, may want to avoid breathing these harmful materials.

Breathing Clean Air in Your Richardson, TX Home

Dirty ducts keep the dust, dirt, hair, etc. cycle going, contributing to poor indoor air quality and potentially aggravating health problems. Even if you vigilantly dust, vacuum and shampoo the carpet and curtains regularly to keep dust, dirt, hair and allergens out of your home, you are fighting a losing battle. The air flowing through your ductwork is blowing that dust, dirt, hair and allergens right back into the air your family breathes.

When AC Pros cleans your ducts, vents are less likely to spread these materials through the air supply, letting purer airflow through your home. Experience the benefits of duct cleaning today. Call AC Pros at 972-591-0199 to schedule your appointment now!


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