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As residents of Richardson, TX, know, there are several months a year here when well-functioning air conditioning is a requirement and not a preference.

When we depend so heavily on one appliance for all of our warmer month comfort needs, AC Pros knows it’s integral that we maintain the appliance, perform regular inspections, and ensure filters and ducts are working at top form.

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Maintenance With AC Pros Pays Off

Regular AC maintenance tends to the elements of your AC that are easily forgotten when you’re tending to your family’s hectic schedule. When you book preventive maintenance with AC Pros, our tech will ensure your filters are replaced and clean and that any air flow-blocking dust is removed so that it won’t make its way into your air or cause your machine to work overtime to keep the temperature cool.

In fact, regular AC maintenance saves you money on your air conditioning since maintenance actually decreases the amount of money you pay for energy. When your unit does not have to work hard to get through a dust-caked filter or dust and dirt are not insulating your evaporator coil, your AC takes less energy to run - saving you big money or your utility bills.

Keep Your Unit Clean & Safe

Another reason to maintain your AC? Your AC’s insides might be totally gross.

Not only do AC filters get dusty and dirty like your HVAC or heating filters, air conditioning units deal with humidity which means that moisture is always an issue. If you’ve ever lived where it’s damp, you know that humidity and moisture cause all kinds of bacteria and mold growth.

Serious illnesses can travel in air-conditioned air. When AC Pros maintains your unit, we look for anything that could be hampering your AC’s performance as well as anything that can affect your family’s overall health.

Be Ready For Summer With AC Service

One last reason to call AC Pros with your maintenance needs? When we maintain your AC system, you can ensure that you’re not one of the people calling on the first sweltering day of the year to ask how long they have to wait (and sweat!) before a technician can come and fix their broken and ill-maintained air conditioning unit.

Call AC Pros (972) 591-0199 today for the peace of mind that comes with a well-maintained air conditioner.

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