Blower Door Testing

Testing For Air Leaks That Could Cost A Bundle

How do you know if your home is airtight or if money is flying out the windows? AC Pros’ blower door testing is a method used by home energy auditors to ensure you’re not losing precious energy through a gaps or cracks in your ducts, windows and doors.

Using this US Department of Energy-recommended method for energy savings, AC Pros test for even the smallest leaks of air, which can not only lead to the overuse of energy but condensation, drafts and poor air quality.

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Blower door testing is a precise technique best trusted to those who are experts in the field. AC Pros technicians of Richardson, TX are experienced blower door testers who carry out each test with meticulous precision.

A blower door is a high-powered fan that we can mount on the frame of an exterior door. As the fan pulls air out of the house, the air pressure lowers. At that point, the higher pressured air from outdoors will enter through any openings. AC Pros uses a calibrated blower door not only to determine if there are leaks but how significant and impactful the leaks are.

Blower door testing can determine exactly what you need to do to create the airtight seal your home needs for energy efficiency, moisture control and good air quality. Make an appointment for blower door testing today. Call us at 972-591-0199 today.

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