Attic Insulation

AC Pros Knows The Benefits Of Adding or Replacing Insulation

It’s no secret that heat rises. But we at AC Pros have a question for you.

When the heat you pay for is rising to the top of your home, is it escaping from an uninsulated or poorly insulated attic?

Installing attic insulation may be one of the quickest ways to reduce energy costs in your home, especially if you live in a cold climate where you often use your heating source to warm your family home.

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What Will Insulation Do For My House and My Wallet?

Insulation provides an extra layer of absorption to a surface. Like the thick walls of your thermos or the layers of padding in your winter coat, insulation is common sense.

Insulation also prevents little gaps from releasing your heat into the chilly outdoor air. With insulation, your home is safely bundled. Insulation is an additional barrier from wind and cold and serves as protection from the colder elements. Install or improve upon existing insulation, and your home will hold its temperature, saving utility costs.

You work hard to heat your home. Anything that protects and conserves that heat, extends the value of your heat investment.

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